A wide range of quality industrial products, such as Pressure Gauges & Dial Thermometers, Brass & Hydraulic fittings, Valves & Spray Guns, P.U.Tubes & Nylon Braided Hoses, complete Lubrication Solutions

Distributors / Stockists for :


‘ KI ‘ Pressure & Temperature Gauges

‘SHAVO’ Pneumatic Products / ‘JANATICS’ Pneumatic Products

DANFOS & INFOS Pressure Switches

‘ELGI’ Compressors & Spares / Pilot Spray Gun & Accessories

Airmax Pneumatics & Valve Automation

All Kind of Brass & Hydraulic Fitting / Brass & SS Ball Valves

Pressure Gauges & Industrial Thermometers- KARNATAKA INSTRUMENTS

Air Compressors- ELGI

Brass-ball Valves, Gate & Air-vent valves

High Couplers

Differential Pressure Switches- EURO

Desiccant dryers- TRIDENT

Hydraulic fittings & Hose Pipes- HYFIT

Lubricating Solutions- DROPCO

Moisture separators & Auto drain valves- HYDINT

Pneumatic Blowguns & Silencers- AIRGUN

Pneumatic Blue-Connectors- SOVEREIGN

Pneumatic Connectors

Pneumatic Tools- ATS ELGI

Pneumatic Valves & Cylinders

Process Valves- AIRMAX

Speedfit & Pneumatic Pipelines, Bathroom fittings- JOHN GUEST

Pneumatic Tools- SHAVO










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High Pressure Air Compressor Wholesalers

Pneumatic Tool Dealers

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Differential Pressure Gauge Dealers

Thermometer Dealers

Pressure Gauge Dealers

Air Compressor Dealers-ELGI

Auto Drain Valve Wholesalers

Pipe Tee Wholesalers

Polyurethane Tube Wholesalers

PVC Hose Wholesalers

Hydraulic Power Pack Wholesalers

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder Wholesalers

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Pneumatic Cylinder Wholesalers

Industrial Air Compressor Wholesalers

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Industrial Compressor Wholesalers

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Push Pull Valve Pul Push Pull Wholesalers

Y Strainer Wholesalers

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