Air Ventilators Manufacturing in Peenya

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List of Air Ventilators Manufacturers in Peenya, Bangalore

  • Airier India
  • Air Comfort Systems
  • Air Roof Ventilators
  • Immaculate Industries
  • Real Green Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Goodlife Enterprises

Define Ventilation

Ventilation means provision of fresh air to a room or building as a whole. In medical terms, it is the supply of air to the lungs, especially by artificial means.

Define a ventilator

Ventilator is an appliance or aperture for ventilating a room or other space. In medical terms it is an instrument to provide artificial respiration.

Types of Ventilation

Natural ventilation: Natural ventilation is the use of wind and temperature differences to create airflows in and through the building. Natural ventilation has buoyancy and wind effects.

Task ventilation: Task ventilation or personalized ventilation is a method to provide occupants with control of a local supply of air so that they can adjust their individual thermal environment.

Mechanical ventilation: Mechanical ventilation is a system that supplies the required air flow at a constant rate. It uses a fan to force air through the ducting, thus supplying ventilation. But the fan usage leads to more energy consumption and thus greater carbon dioxide emission.

Hybrid ventilation: Hybrid ventilation is a mix of natural and mechanical ventilation. This involves only one aspect of mechanical ventilation that contributes to the hybrid ventilation: a fan that enhances the natural stack effect if the conditions are poor.

Air Ventilation

Air Ventilation (air ventilator) is a system or means of providing fresh air to a room or building as a whole. In biology, or rather zoology, it is the process of circulation and exchange of gases in the lungs or gills that is the basis for the animal to respire.

Ventilation (Ventilating) System

The ventilation system or ventilating system is a mechanical system in a building that provides fresh air.

Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation (roof ventilator), also called attic ventilation, is a system to let cool air from the outside into the attic, thus reducing the hot and moist air there. The building without proper roof ventilation or attic ventilation would cause heat and moisture build-up in the attic, thereby increasing temperature in the living room.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat Recovery Ventilation (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) is an energy recovery ventilation system using equipment known as a heat recovery ventilator, heat exchanger, air exchanger, or air-to-air heat exchanger that employs a cross flow or counter-flow heat exchanger (counter-current heat exchange) between the inbound and outbound air flow.

Wind Driven Turbine Roof Ventilator

Wind-driven turbine ventilators (wind-driven turbo ventilators or turbine air ventilators or wind turbine ventilators or FRP turbo ventilators) are ventilators that are wind-powered to create effective ventilation for various industries. The wind driven roof ventilator rotates basing on the speed of the wind. The mechanism involves hot air in the building or shed rising up; the turbine rotating in the wind pulls out the hot air outside thereby causing a dip in temperature and letting in fresh air through the doors and windows.

Industrial Ventilation

Industrial ventilation (industrial ventilator) is a system in an industrial unit that constantly moves out stale indoor air and contaminants such as fumes, dust and vapours, and brings in fresh air from outdoors. It also maintains temperature and humidity at comfortable levels, reduces potential fire or explosion hazards.

Aluminium Ventilation

Aluminium ventilation is a ventilation system consisting of aluminium grilles. They are used mainly in kitchens of homes, restaurants and eateries as part of electrical chimneys. When switched on, the chimneys suck the fumes from the dishes being cooked and send them outdoors through an outlet chimney pipe. Aluminium grilles need to be cleaned periodically.

Ventilator Fans

Ventilator fans (exhaust fans or fresh air fans) are fans that blow heated air out from kitchens, restrooms of homes or industrial buildings. While the ventilator fans suck out stale and humid air from indoors to outdoors, the open windows or doors can let in fresh air.

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