Abrasives Manufacturers in Peenya

Abrasives Manufacturers Peenya

Who are the abrasives manufacturers Peenya?
Alpha Abrasives
Delta Abrasives
Index Industrial Experts
Mipox Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd.
Super Abrasives
Who are the abrasives dealers in Peenya?
Ambica Trading Corporation
Bhavani Agencies
Naphtha Resins & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd
Shashika Enterprises
Sri Varu Enterprises

What is an abrasive?
An abrasive is a substance that is used to polish, clean a hard surface, or grind a work piece to give it a finishing. The rubbing leads to part of the work piece being worn away due to friction.
Abrasives are extensively use in domestic, industrial and technological applications.

What are the types of abrasives?
Abrasives can be broadly classified into two types:

Natural abrasives: These are produced by the supreme forces of nature. Natural abrasives are found in mines. Some examples of natural abrasives include sandstone or solid quartz, emery, corundum and diamond. Natural abrasives do not have uniformity of properties and reliability. They are been replaced by artificial abrasives.

Artificial abrasive: Artificial abrasives are manufactured under specific conditions in a closed electric furnace in order to avoid any chance of impurities mixing up, and to achieve the necessary temperature for the chemical reaction to occur. Artificial abrasives have better cutting properties and are more efficient than natural abrasives. Some examples of manufactured abrasives include aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, artificial diamond, boron carbide, cubic boron nitride

What are the types of materials used for abrasives?

Abrasive materials include:
Silicon carbide – used for processing non-ferrous metals
Aluminium oxide / alumina – a very commonly used abrasive; this is used while working on ferrous alloys, high tensile materials and wood
Diamond – the hardest substance known to science is commonly used in ceramic grinding or final polishing due to its extremely hard nature and cost
Cubic boron nitride – the second hardest material, after diamond; used for cutting and grinding purposes
Garnet – Used in abrasive cutting, water jetting, sand blasting and similar uses
Zirconia / Alumina alloys – Used mainly in nuclear technology – for cladding fuel rods in nuclear reactors
Glass – Crushed glass – a general-purpose abrasive used in delicate restoration work, brick and limestone restoration work
Colloidal silica – used to polish silicon wafers, used as a wine and juice fining agent.

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